Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir was elected as the vice chairman of the Federation of General and Special workers in Iceland (SGS) last Friday when the 7th congress ended. Ragnar Ólason, specialist at Efling, was also re-elected as a co-chair of the board of Executives. Björn Snæbjörnsson was re-elected as chairman of SGS for two years.

During the congress, it was agreed to enlarge the board of executives and now are appointed seven co-chairs in addition to the chairman and vice-chairman.

The rights of workers were discussed at the congressed and how the discussions with the state and the local authorities have reached a serious point. People generally agree that unfairness and haughtiness characterizes the attitude of the counterparties and little understanding is for the position of the members of unions in SGS.

Ragnar Ólason said it is great news that Sólveig Anna is the new vice-chairman of SGS. He believes it will strengthen the leadership of SGS but Efling is by far the largest member of SGS. SGS is unified and strong but solidarity is a key factor when it comes to collective bargaining.

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