Members of Efling working as school assistants in the primary schools of Kópavogur have sent a statement to Ármann Kr. Ólafsson, mayor of Kópavogur, where they criticize the authorities of Kópavogur for demanding that the workers make exemptions from strike actions and return to work because of the Covid-19 pandemic while the mayor puts off wage negotiations.

The school assistants, all of them women and most of them of foreign origin, demand wage raises comparable to those which their colleagues at the City of Reykjavík received in the collective agreement which was reached recently. The jobs in question are the same, evaluated with points within the same job evaluation system, within the same employment area and belonging to the same union.

The statement reads: “While you demand that we return to work, your negotiating committee refuses to deal fairly with us and other municipal employees. We do the same work, within the same union and the same employment area as our counterparts at the City of Reykjavík. Yet you refuse to agree to our terms for wage raises similar to those in the collective agreement of Efling with the City of Reykjavík.”

The two statements in question are made by the staff of Álfhólsskóli and the staff of Kársnesskóli. The letters are signed by a total of 28 union members.

Statement from school assistants at Kársnesskóli

Statement from school assistants at Álfhólsskóli

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