Collective Agreement between Efling and the Association of Independent Schools (SSSK)

The collective agreement was signed by the bargaining committee and the chairman. It is now subject to member‘s approval by vote.

The vote on this agreement begins 12:00 on Friday 30 October and ends at 12:00 on Thursday, 5 November.

If approved, this agreement will be valid from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2023.



What will this new collective agreement do for Efling‘s members working with SSSK?

What are the wage increases?

The wage rates will increase  by a minimum of 90.000 ISK during the contract period. The increases will take place in 4 phases.

1 April 2019 – salaries will increase by 17.000 a month.

1 apríl 2020

1 January 2021 salaries will increase by 24.000ISK.

1 January 2022 salaries will increas by 25.000ISK.

Most kindergatens have already adjusted their salaries to reflect the retroactive rate increase. Many made this adjustment in July or August 2020.

A payment will be made in the range of 32.500 – 42.500 depending on job title. See the calculator for more information.

The December bonus will increase by 3.000 ISK per year and will be a total of 109.000 in 2022.

The holiday bonus will increase by 1.000 ISK per year and will be a total of 53.000 in 2022.

Schedule of Increases

  1 . apríl 2019 1 . apríl 2020 1 . jan 2021 1 . jan 2022
Salary Increase 17.000 kr. 24.000 kr. 24.000 kr. 25.000 kr.
Accumulated Salary Increase 17.000 kr. 41.000 kr. 65.000 kr. 90.000 kr.
Change to Wage Table Average 11.000 kr. Remains part of salary Remains part of salary
Special Payment 1.500-15.000 kr. Remains part of salary Remains part of salary


Calculator – Salary in the new Collective Agreement with SSSK


How much is the working week shortened?

The working week may be decreased by up to 4 hours per week, to 36 hours with a change in the arrangement of food and coffee breaks.

If no agreement is reached, then the working week will be decreased by 65 minutes beginning on 1 January 2021.

What additional items are included in the new contract?

Salary assessments will factor in experience with comparable jobs, regardless where the experience was obtained.

Paid leave for study will not only be permitted but become a right after 4 years of service.

Education will be a stronger factor in salary calculations than previously.

General staff in kindergartens will recieve two preparation hours per week.

Everybody will recieve 30 days of vacation leave.

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