Holiday Bonus for Government Employees, Reykjavik City Employees and Nursing Home Employees

The Holiday Bonus is to be paid on 1 June each year. Employees that have worked foe 13 consecutive weeks or are employed until 30 April are entitled to a Holiday Bonus.

Workers who have worked full-time during the holiday year, 1 May – 30 April, are entitled to full compensation. Otherwise, the Holiday Bonus will be paid in accordance to the employment ratio and workning hours.

The Holiday Bonus is a fixed amount and holiday pay is not calcuated on top of it.

The Holiday Bonus should be settled at the termination of employment.

The bonus is:

At the year 2019 – 50.000 kr.
At the year 2020 – 51.000 kr.
At the year 2021 – 52.000 kr.
At the year 2022 – 53.000 kr.
At the year 2023 – 56.000 kr.