Termination Notice Period in the Public Sector

  • Resignation time starts at the beginning of the next month.
  • The trial period is 3 months. –The termination notice during the trial period is one month.
  • At the end of the trial period, the termination notice period is three months.
  • The termination notice period after 10 years of continuous employment:

 –At 55 years of age – 4 months

 –At 60 years of age – 5 months

–At 63 years of age – 6 months

  • The employee is permitted, however, to terminate their employment with 3 months notice.

Please Note:

  • Management is obliged to give the employee a reprimand before dismissal.
  • Reasons for termination may be lateness, negligence, insubordination or disobedience to management, incompetance or poor work efficiency, drunkenness, behavior that is indecent, innapropriate and incompatable with the job
  • A reprimnd is not required if the termination is due to a contraction, organizational changes or streamlining of the institution.