Time measured piecework in cleaning jobs

In time measured piecework your work is organised to allow for faster cleaning than normally. This is why your hourly pay is increased by the 20% piecework supplement, of which 8% is a premium for unused breaks.

This means that in this employment mode you are not entitled to take paid breaks at work, as they are already paid for by the higher wage rate.

Tasks description

Before you start your work, you should be made familiar with the cleaning area, working conditions and tasks description. Your supervisor should give you a written tasks description and a sketch of the cleaning area. It should clearly state how and what you should clean. It should also explain at what time of the day and how often you should clean each surface. You should always have access to the tasks description and if a permanent change is made in the workplace the tasks description should be updated immediately.

Travelling between cleaning locations

In time measured piecework you should have the opportunity to work for minimum 2 hours continuously. In this time work in one or more cleaning locations could be required of you.

If your cleaning assignment consists of 2 or more cleaning locations, the employer is obliged to pay for 15 minutes’ journey time between locations. If the job starts after more than 1,5 hours in the next location, the employer is not obliged to pay for the journey.

If you use your own car per your employer´s wish, the employer must cover the cost either according to kilometres driven, or by a payment of set amount.