Winter leave at hotels and restaurants

Employees who work shift work earn a total of 12 winter vacation days, based on full-year employment, in exchange for working on major public holidays and other public holidays occurring Monday to Friday.

If the workplace is closed on the days referred to above, or if days off are granted, then the corresponding number of days shall be deducted from the additional leave days, except in the case of employees who are owed accumulated leave related to shift work.

Winter holidays are to be granted during the period from 1 October to 1 May. The recording period for winter leave days shall be based on the period October–October.

Subject to agreement between employer and employee, it shall be permitted to have payment replace the leave days referred to, with 8 hours daytime work rates being paid for each leave day, based on full-time employment. Employees receive payment for earned winter vacation days on termination of employment.