Union representatives

Efling union representatives are an important link in the work of the union. It is important to offer them first-class education where the basic elements of the labour market are introduced.

Short and practical courses for union representatives are held on regular basis. These courses present diverse materials and there is always something new and exciting available for Union Representatives.

Specialized courses are also held for those who have completed the basic courses. Union Representatives have the contractual right to attend these course without loss of income/wages, but must consult with their supervisor if they would like to attend.

Union Representative course

Courses are taught 3 days in a row from 9:00 to 15:30.

Course for Union representatives  – 1. section

31 March to 2 April in English

In Icelandic 28-30 January and 24-26 March.

Students are taught the role of the Union representative, the Unions collective agreements, employment contracts, reading payslips and calculating wages.

Course for Union representatives  – 2. section

Students learn to know the laws on which wage agreements are based on – also the Act on Maternity / Paternity and Parental Leave, Unemployment Insurance, Accident Insurance at Work, on Strikes and Lockouts. Communication at the workplace and how to organize your workplace with your co-workers.

Course for Union representatives  – 3. Section

11-13 February in English

In Icelandic 4-6 February

Students will get introductions on VIRK (Vocational Rehabilitation Fund), Occupational Safety and Health Administration; responsibilities of employers’ and unions’ representatives on workplace safety.  Introduction on ways to enhance self-confidence and introduction to economic terms and calculations.

Course for Union representatives  – 4. section

In Icelandic 25-27 February.

Students become acquainted with the main concepts of negotiating and contracting technology. How to present on self and give a speech and introduction to Social security system and live saving funds.

Courses are taught in Efling, Guðrúnartún 1, 4th floor.               

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