Minimum rest periods according to the agreement between Efling and SA

Working hours shall be arranged in such a way that during each 24-hour period, starting from the beginning of the working day, the employee receives at least 11 hours’ continuous rest. If possible, this daily rest period shall include the period between 23:00–6:00.

Work may not be arranged in such a way that the working period exceeds 13 hours.

If the employee is especially requested to come to work before the 11 hours of rest have been reached, the employee is entitled to additional rest of 1.5 hours for every hour by which his/her rest is reduced.

The employee shall receive at least one weekly day off; however, it is permitted to negotiate with the employee to postpone the weekly day off so that insteadthe employee receives two consecutive days off over two weeks, e.g. Saturday and Sunday.

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