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Strikes in municipalities outside Reykjavík begin

“Strikes have begun and will continue until we have been offered something decent,” Sólveig Anna said at a rally of Efling members working in municipalities outside Reykjavík. Their strike began at noon today. About 50 members attended the rally, which was held at the...

Efling strikes in Reykjavík continue

This weekend, agreements were signed between Efling and the government. The agreements come with some financing for a correction of underpaid women's jobs. Such a correction and other items are still under negotiation with the city. Efling strikes in the city...

Meeting with workers in municipalities outside of Reykjavík

Efling invites all workers in municipalities outside of Reykjavík to a meeting at the beginning of their strike in Safnaðarheimili Digraneskirkju at Digranesvegur 82 at 12:30 on Monday, March 9. An indefinite strike of those members begins at noon that day. Just over...

No wage loss for quarantined workers

An agreement has been struck between unions, employers and the government to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Iceland. It secures people’s livelihood while they follow governmental instructions on quarantine. Many workers have gone into quarantine, which means they...

Efling will not strike in independent schools

The Labour court has struck down a sympathy strike by Efling members in private schools. The strike was supposed to begin at noon on Monday, March 9. Efling accepts the ruling and will not proceed with the strike. The court's argument was that, as the workers in the...

Strike support payments for February 29 – March 20

Members working for Reykjavík must apply for strike support for the period after February 28. The next application period for which members will get paid will be February 29 – March 20. You can apply electronically in the week of March 20-26. Payments will be made on...

Legal help

The union offers phone interviews with lawyers on Tuesdays from 1PM to 4PM during the ban on mass gatherings. Appointments need to be made in advance by calling 510-7500.

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