Efling collective agreements with SÍS, Reykjavík city and the state

SFV, SÍS, Reykjavík city and the state

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Rights to payments from the funds of Efling in the event of a loss of employment

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Regarding comments about the offer from Reykjavík city

Following the statements of the head of negotiations on the side of Reykjavík city, on the contents of the offer the city made to Efling at the beginning of its negotiations, Efling would like to make it clear that it stands by the statements of its chair, Sólveig...

Open negotiation meeting in Iðnó

Efling calls for open direct wage negotiations with the mayor Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, chairman of Efling, has informed mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson that Efling will not engage in further talks with the city’s negotiating committee, beyond that which is required by law....

Efling voting truck is on a roll

Reykjavik City workplaces that want to vote by absentee ballot can order the Efling voting truck to visit their workplaces – phone us 5107500 or email felagssvid@efling.is

Educational grants increases for individuals

On January 1st of 2020 the maximum amount of individual grants from the funds of Efling for education, work training and development will be raised from 100.000 ISK to 130.000 ISK per year. Rights to payments can be saved up for up to three years and the maximum...

Token of gratitude from the Christmas festival of the disabled

This morning, Sólveig Anna received a token of gratitude from André Bachmann and the Christmas festival of the disabled. André has for the past 37 years organised the festival but is now retiring. Efling is proud to sponsor this great event.

Legal help

The union offers phone interviews with lawyers on Tuesdays from 1PM to 4PM during the ban on mass gatherings. Appointments need to be made in advance by calling 510-7500.

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