Efling collective agreements with SÍS, Reykjavík city and the state

SFV, SÍS, Reykjavík city and the state

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Are you in a trouble?

Are you in a situation where you feel that your health or safety are under threat because of the violence of a family member?

Rights to payments from the funds of Efling in the event of a loss of employment

and useful recommendations for social and financial assistance

Wage correction also achieved in new care homes agreement

The negotiation committees of Efling and the association of welfare companies, SFV, signed a collective agreement on June 18, 2020. The agreement applies to 1,800 Efling workers who care for the elderly, work in cleaning, catering and do laundry in care homes. The...

Investment in the human capital of workers is a way out of the crisis

Regrettably, the outlook for the labour market is bleak. Ever more members of Efling are facing loss of employment, insecurity and a lower standard of living. The board of Efling urges the state to create well-paid, secure jobs for workers to reverse this development....

Starfsafl refunds up to 90% until 30th of September

Members of Efling in the private sector (i.e. working for private companies) can now have up to 90% refund for job-related study/courses from the educational fund Starfsafl. Last April the committee of Starfsafl agreed that up to 90% will be refunded of costs of...

Legal help

The union offers phone interviews with lawyers on Tuesdays from 1PM to 4PM during the ban on mass gatherings. Appointments need to be made in advance by calling 510-7500.

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