The collective agreement between SGS and SA has been accepted

About the new agreementVoting results

Electronic voting

Voting on the collective agreement takes place online. It starts on Friday 12 April at 13:00 hours and ends on Tuesday 23 April at 16:00. For those who are not able to cast their votes electronically there will be an absentee ballot at each union office.

Docking employees’ pay for strikes in which they did not participate

Efling – union strongly condemns the decision of IcelandAir Hotels to dock the wages of employees for strikes in which they did not participate. Efling also calls on the hotel chain to immediately correct the mistake. The hotel chain has a responsibility to compensate...

The Equality Agreement of 2019 – by Stefán Ólafsson

Basic information about the collective agreement The new collective agreement between the labour movement and employers is novel in many respects. Living standards are raised in unusually diverse ways and therefore many have begun referring to the agreement as a...

The main items of the new collective agreement

Payments on 1 May, 2019 The new collective agreement is in force as of 1 April 2019. The monthly salary of all workers rises by 17,000kr. for full daytime labour and the minimum pay for a full job is now 317,000kr./month. You can see new Wage table here.  The hourly...

The annual general meeting of Gildi 2019

The annual general meeting of Gildi-pension fund will be held at 5pm on Thursday April 11th at Grand Hótel Reykjavík.  Schedule: The report of the board Presentation of the annual financial statement An actuarial study, investment policy and stockholder policy...

The new collective agreement – Introduction meetings

Efling Union invites members to introduction meetings for the new collective agreement. The meetings will be held at Efling offices, Guðrúnartúni 1, 4th floor: Tuesday April 9th at 18.00 in Icelandic Wedneday April 10th at 20.00 in English Thursday April 11th at 20.00...

Legal help

The union offers weekly interviews with lawyers in Efling office on Tuesdays between 1 pm and 4 pm. Member do not need to make an appointment in advance.

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