The Collective Agreement Between Efling and Skálatún

A collective agreement have been signed and is now ready pending a vote by membership.

Voting begins at noon on Tuesday, 15 December, and concludes at noon on Friday, 18 December.




What will this new agreement provide to Efling members working at Skálatún?

The collective agreement between Efling and Skálatún is almost the same as the collective agreement signed with SÍS.

How big is the wage increase?

  • Everyone working full-time gets at least a 90,000 ISK increase, as per Lífskjarasamningurinn (Living Standards Agreement), in four steps. The first two steps – a 17,000 ISK monthly increase from 1 January 2020, and a 24,000 ISK monthly increase from 1 April 2020, together with a single payment of 105,000 ISK for full-time work in the period from August to December 2019 have been settled by Skálatún.
  • Those on the lowest wages get a special correction of up to a 15,000 ISK monthly increase, as of 1 September 2020. This special increase is smaller for higher wages, the lowest amount being 2,000 ISK. For wage category 131 and above there is no special pay correction.
  • Everyone gets a single payment equivalent to 1.5% of their total wages from a so-called Members Fund, on 1 February every year.
  • The December bonus increases by 3,000 ISK per year, and will be 124,750 ISK in 2022.
  • The holiday bonus increases by 1,000 ISK per year, and will be 53,000 ISK in 2022.

Schedule of Wage Increases

  1  April 2019 1  April 2020 1  January 2021 1  January 2022
Raise 17.000 kr. 24.000 kr. 24.000 kr. 25.000 kr.
Raise, cumulative 17.000 kr. 41.000 kr. 65.000 kr. 90.000 kr.


Shorter workweek – daytime workers

  • Each workplace can come to an agreement to shorten the workweek by up to 4 hours per week, resulting in a 36-hour workweek, with changed lunch and coffee break arrangements. If no agreement is made the workweek shortened by 65 minutes per week as of 1 January 2021.
  • See further information:

Shorter workweek – Shift workers

  • The workweek is reduced to 36 active working hours, and can go down to 32 hours in some cases.
  • Takes place 1 May 2021
  • See further information:

What else does the agreement contain?

  • All workers will now have a minimum of 30 paid vacation days.
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