The Collective Agreement Between Efling and Sorpa

A collective agreement was signed by the negotiations committee and the head of the union. It is now ready pending a vote by membership.

Voting begins at noon on Thursday, 15 October, and concludes at noon on Wednesday, 21 October.

If a majority of the members vote in favor of this agreement, the agreement becomes valid starting 1 April 2019, and remains valid until 31 March 2023.




What will this new agreement provide to Efling members working at SORPA?

Wage Increases

Wages will increase by at least 90,000 kr. – in four stages.

  • The first stage is a 17,000kr monthly raise beginning on 1 April , 2019. This will be paid out as a lump sum when the agreement comes into effect, minus the 105,000kr that were paid out on 1 August 2019.
  • The second stage will be a 24.000 kr. monthly from 1 April 2020 with a 7 month correction until October. Additionally, there will be increases (on average 11.000 ISK) due to changes made to the salary table, please see the wage calculator for more information.
  • The third stage is a wage increase of 24.000 kr. on 1. January 2021.
  • The fourth and final stage is a wage increase of 25.000 kr. on 1. January 2022.

Station premiums, wire premiums and cleaning units will increase by 2.5% four times during the contract period on the same schedule as the wage increases.

The December bonus will increase by 3.000 ISK per year and up to 109.000 kr. by 2022

The summer bonus will increase by 1.000kr per year and up to 53.000 kr. by 2022


Schedule of Wage Increases

  1 . apríl 2019 1 . apríl 2020 1 . jan 2021 1 . jan 2022
Raise 17.000 kr. (retroactive) 24.000 kr. 24.000 kr. 25.000 kr.
Raise, cumulative 17.000 kr. 41.000 kr. 65.000 kr. 90.000 kr.
Low-wage correction On average 11.000 kr. Remains part of salary Remains part of salary



Salary Calculator – The Salary in the  New Wage Agreement with SORPA


Shorter working weeks

At worksites with daytime working schedules, such as Álfsnes and the reception center, it is possible to negotiate a shorter working week by up to 4 hours or to 36 working hours with changes in meal and coffee time arrangements. If no agreement is reached, the work week will then be shortened by 65 minutes from 1 January 2021.

At worksites engaged in shift work, such as the recycling centers, the work week is shortened to 36 working hours and in some cases may be shortened to 32 work hours.

Other Items in the New Agreement:

The reception will receive cleaning unites for cleaning the sorting line in GAJA.

There will be cleaning units in Álfsnes for cleaning GAJA.

If a recycling center opens at 08:00 then the employees will receive 30 minutes of overtime pay before opening.

Experience in comparable fields of work will be considered in salary calculations regardless of where that experience was gained.

Paid educational leaves is not only permitted, but it will be a right after 4 years of service.

Education will count more in salary calculations than it has previously.

All workers at SORPA will now receive 30 vacation days.

Travel to and from work will be calculated based on the travel fee outlined by the State Travel Expenses Committee and not simply the bus fare. In order to be entitled to this payment, the employee must be 600 meters away from a public bus station to their worksite.

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