Are you in a trouble?

Let’s take a stand together against violence – the home is supposed to be a safe place

Are you in a situation where you feel that your health or safety are under threat because of the violence of a family member? In Iceland, people who suffer violence are offered various kinds of counseling and support to escape from such circumstances.

Violence can be of various kinds and in each instance, there is often more than one type of violence. The violence can be physical, psychological, sexual, economic and digital as well as diverse types of conduct which contain intimidation, threats, manipulation and/or coercion. Violence in intimate relationships is a process which is often described as a certain cycle of violence where the tension in the relationship builds to an explosion of some sort where the violence gets worse, only for everything to become calm as the perpetrator apologizes and even promises never to do it again. This is often followed by a period of tranquility. Then the tension again begins to build up and the cycle continues.

There are numerous ways to receive assistance, many of which are available without charge. All you need to do is contact one of those places and tell them that you need help. It’s possible to call too seldom but never too often.

Women's shelter

Kvennaathvarfið (The Women´s shelter) is a place where women can seek various kinds of counseling and assistance because of domestic violence. Everything from receiving assistance via telephone to staying there on one’s own or with one’s children to avoid violence.


Bjarkarhlíð is an advisory center for the sufferers of all kinds of violence. Note particularly that Bjarkarhlíð employs a police woman who specializes in attending to the sufferers of violence. She can provide all the necessary information and counseling.

Stígamót - Education and Counseling Center for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence

Stígamót provides people sufferers of sexual violence with free counseling.

Assistance for disabled people who suffer violence

Réttindagæslumenn fatlaðra assist disabled people who suffer violence.

112 emergency number

112 has staff which have been especially trained to receive phone calls from the sufferers of violence. Do not hesitate to call if you are in danger.

Red Cross Helpline 1717

Hjálparsíminn 1717. No problem is to great or too small for Hjálparsíminn 1717 and the internet chat box of the Red Cross. Trained and experienced volunteers of all ages answer those calls and messages received through the chat box online.

Heimilisfriður - Counseling center

Heimilisfriður provides individuals who wish to get their violent tendencies under control with counseling. The service is rendered for a small fee.

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