Organizing Division

Efling has established an organising division, a new division to help you get organized!

Are you ready to take steps to increase your salary, work shorter hours, and have more democracy in your workplace or industry? If so, then you are in the right place. We will help you organize to win these goals.

Efling Union would be happy to talk with you about strategies for improving your working conditions. We can also provide you assistance if you and your co-workers decide to elect a Union Representative, or draft a Workplace Agreement.

Every workplace with five or more workers must have a Union Representative, a worker elected by a simple majority of the staff that has protection from being fired. The job of the Representative is to act as the eyes and ears of the union on the job, as well as make sure that the collective agreements are respected and that worker’s social and civil rights are not being violated.

The best place to start organizing is either a phone conversation or email. Before we talk, it would be helpful (but not obligatory) for you to know a few things about your workplace:

  1. Do you and your co-workers have a work contract?
  2. Is there a Union Representative at your workplace?
  3. How many people are employed at your workplace?
  4. What are the different types of jobs that are there at your company? How many workers are there in each department?

In the short term you will want to start talking with your co-workers about conditions, but keep general conversations about unions, wages, scheduling, etc., out of the ears of management.

Start a Job Journal, noting who you are working with and what their problems are. Keep notes from meetings, schedule changes, instructions from supervisors, etc. Make sure you note who, when, where, and why.  Save company memos and pay slips.

To get in touch with an organizer, please contact us: or by phone at 510-7500

Efling General Union offers a range of courses for workers who want to learn how to organize in their industry, and act as the Union Representative at the workplace.



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