Cleaning work in the general labour market

- Room cleaning in hotels and guesthouses is governed by the agreement on hotels and restaurants.


Payments and working arrangements in cleaning work can vary, and as a result, it is extremely important that union members are well informed as to whether they are being paid the correct wages in accordance with the work contribution.  The most common arrangement has been time-measured piecework in cleaning where the cleaning units are measured and employee bonuses involve being paid more for completing the unit in a shorter space of time.  It is also possible to pay according to conventional hourly rate arrangements, in which case an 80% overtime supplement is paid for work after 17:00 on weekdays.  In addition, work may be arranged according to shift work arrangements on the condition that the employment contract specifies this and states the working arrangements and employment proportion.

Time measured piecework

In  time measured piecework in cleaning services the work is organizied to facilitate faster cleaning than traditional arrangements allow for and therefore the hourly  payment is higher. It is very important to have a written  job description which indicates clearly what must be cleaned and which emphasis should be made. It should be noted at wich time of the day the area shall be cleaned and how often.  the extra rate for measured piecework is 20% with a 8% extra premium for breaks. Breaks are therefore not taken during work hours since the  payments include higher tariffs as indicated.

Wage category 6 with 20% supplement from 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020 (ISK)

    Mon. – Fri. 17.00-24.00 Mon. – Fri. 24.00 – 08.00 and Sat/Sun  
  Daytime with 33% supplement* with 45% supplement* Overtime*
Starting wages, aged 20 1.989,67 2.646,26 2.885,02 3.581,41
After 1 year´s experience 2.002,62 2.663,48 2.903,80 3.604,72
After 3 year´s experience 2.015,75 2.680,94 2.922,83 3.628,35
After 5 years with the same company 2.029,08 2.698,68 2.942,17 3.652,34

*An overtime supplement must be paid for work in excess of 40 hours per week.
The hourly rate for cleaning or special tasks is to be paid with a 45% supplement, with the exception that if work exceeds 40 hours per week, overtime rates shall be paid for such work.

Working hours

Hourly work is based on a traditional labour rate at which workers are entitled to a 35 minute break  for consumption  based on full-time work during daytime working hours. Working hours are therefore generally more numerous than in the time measured piecework. After 5pm overtime of 80% is calculated into the hourly payment.

Wage category 6 from 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020 (ISK)

Daytime Overtime
Starting wages, aged 20 1.658,06 2.984,56
After 1 year’s experience 1.668,85 3.003,98
After 3 year’s experience 1.679,79 3.023,68
After 5 years with the same company 1.690,90 3.043,68

Shift work

It is necessary to specify with a clear definition the work proportion in the personal contract in the case of a shift work agreement. Work in excess to the work proportion stated in the contract shall be paid by the hour, daytime payment during the daytime hours and overtime during overtime hours. Work arrangements in shift work is in accordance with the traditional work speed of time work arrangements and breaks/meals are earned as 5 minutes for every working hour, which is 40 minutes per day for full time employment.
Shift work employees earn 12 days for winter holidays for work on holidays. It is in assumed that holidays are taken during the period of October 1st – May 1st.. Employees and employers can also agree on payments instead of holiday that amounts to 8 hours of daytime work for each holiday based on a full time employment.
The most common shift work in cleaning services are performed in public institutions such as hospitals.

Wage category 6 from 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020  (ISK)

      Mon. – Fri. 17.00-24.00 Mon. – Fri. 24.00 – 08.00 and Sat/Sun.  
  Daytime Overtime with 33% supplement with 55% supplement* 90% supplement
Starting wages, aged 20 1.658,06 2.984,56 2.205,22 2.569,99 3.150,31
After 1 year’s experience 1.668,85 3.003,98 2.219,57 2.586,72 3.170,82
After 3 year’s experience 1.679,79 3.023,68 2.234,12 2.603,67 3.191,60
After 5 years with the same company 1.690,90 3.043,68 2.248,90 2.620,90 3.212,71

*45% supplement in companies other than public bodies.

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