Data protection policy

  1. Underwriter and privacy representative

The underwriter of processing is Efling, kt. 701298-2259. The union’s phone number is 510-7500, fax 510-7501 and its email address is The union’s privacy representative is Halldór Oddsson, attorney. His phone number is 535-5600 and his email address is

  1. Purpose of processing private information

The purpose of the union’s processing is variegated, but has three foundations:

  • Provide specific services according to the bylaws and regulations of the union

Firstly, the purpose of the union’s processing is to provide the union’s members specific services. That service is specified in e.g. article 6 of the union’s bylaws. Part of this service is operated by the union’s sickness benefits, summer house and education funds. The member is asked for specific information in order to process their case, e.g. receipts for educational support, information about the payment of sick days at the employer etc. Information from the membership registry on dues payments is used to confirm rights and, where applicable, the monetary amount of rights in accordance with the union funds’ regulations. Additionally, service is provided on employment terms which are brought to the union. Such cases are based primarily on information the member is asked to hand over to the employment terms agent in order to process their case, e.g. payslips, bank statements, a tax statement, working time logs etc. In those cases, processing of private information is based first and foremost on the members’ consent, cf art. 9, para. 1 and art. 11, para. 1, item 1 of the law on privacy, if information is considered sensitive according to the law.

  • Preparing demands on behalf of members

Secondly, the purpose of the union’s processing is preparing demands on behalf of members. This includes the use of members’ wage data, accessed via the amount of dues received by the union. This processing is based on art. 9, item 6 of the law on privacy, as these are key data in preparing union demands on behalf of members, in accordance with the union’s aims.

  • Fulfilment of legal duties

Thirdly, the purpose of the union’s processing is to fulfil its legal duties. For example, art. 7, para. 1, item b. of the law no. 97/2002, on the employment rights of foreigners, requires the appropriate union’s or workers’ federation’s opinion to be given when processing a temporary working permit. In those cases where the union is asked for its opinion, its position is taken based on information provided to the union and in some cases, information collected by the union from public entities. In those cases, processing is based on art. 9, item 3 and, where applicable, art. 11, para. 1, items 2 and 4 of the law on privacy if the information is considered sensitive as per the law.

  1. Who is registered at the union? What information does the union have access to?

Members and applicants for a working permit (in those cases where the union has been asked for an opinion) are registered at the union. Additionally, the union has access to information about individuals and companies from the national register.

  • Dues history

Firstly, the union has access to the dues history of a member and thereby to information on the wages from their employer, or whether the parental leave benefit fund or the unemployed benefits institution has paid dues on behalf of the worker.

  • Assistance on employment terms

Secondly, information is collected on whether the worker has sought the assistance of the union in a case on employment terms, including cases of unpaid wages and layoffs. In such cases, the union normally asks for payslips, bank statements, a tax statement, working time logs and other information where applicable. The member collects the relevant information themself and hands over to the union.

  • Application for grants from the union’s funds

Thirdly, information is collected on whether the member has applied for a grant or grants from the union’s funds, which type of grant and its amount. Additionally, information is collected on whether a member has bought coupons or used other perks of the union. Additionally, information is collected via a blacklist of members who have maltreated the union’s summer houses.

  • Application on sickness benefit and associated data

Fourthly, information is collected on whether the member has applied for sickness benefits from the union’s sickness benefits fund due to illness or other reasons, the amount and all data attached to such an application, such as a doctor’s note, sickness benefits certificate and a certificate of the employer on the worker’s sick days.

  • National registry data

Fifthly, the union has access to data on members from the national registry. This includes their legal residence, marital status, and who the member’s partner is, if applicable, nationality and kennitala.

  1. Deletion of private information

As a main rule, private information is deleted at the end of the seventh year from the data’s collection. The dues history, including sickness benefits, and information on employment terms assistance, is however excepted. All information collected on employment terms cases, e.g. payslips and time logs, are deleted as per the main rule.

  1. The union’s processing partners
  • Annata ehf., kt. 451201-2390 assists the union in collecting and staging of data.
  • Init ehf., kt. 570913-1150 operates the union’s membership registry, Jóakim.
  • Kaliber ehf., kt. 550814-0720 manages the union’s home page.
  • Origo hf., kt. 530292-2079 manages and hosts the union’s service portal (My pages).
  • Securitas hf., kt. 640388-2699 handles the union’s security.
  • Síminn hf., kt. 500269-6779 hosts the union’s IT, including emails.