Rehabilitation – VIRK

Efling works in cooperation with the VIRK occupational rehabilitation fund to systematically reduce the likelihood of employees leaving the labor market due to illness/accidents.

VIRK’s services are for individuals who have reduced work capacity due to ill health and aim for increased participation in the labor market. Individuals who are unable to work due to health conditions can apply for services at VIRK. Also those who have had to reduce their work rate due to illness, but the plan is to increase their work rate.

The purpose of VIRK´s services is to help people return to work. This involves expert advice and services in the field of vocational rehabilitation that requires full participation of the individual concerned.

VIRK’s services are mostly free of charge for individuals. In some cases, it can be assumed that a person may have to participate in payment for the services of other external professionals.

Here below is a short video showing two examples of the vocational rehabilitation process of two VIRK service users.