About the Union

Efling trade-union is one of the largest unions in Iceland with 27.000 members and covers all areas of labour in Reykjavík and its suburbs, except for employees working in commerce and trade. Members therefore come from very different areas of the labour market.

Efling trade-union has members in Reykjavík harbour, factory workers, fish and industry factories, employees in the health sector, public sector workers like garbage collection, public service, transport service, food sector (production and catering service), hotels and restaurants, assistants to skilled craftsmen just to name a few of the jobs members do.

Services provided by Efling

The services provided by Efling can be divided into a few sectors. The main emphasis is giving information on collective wage agreements that Efling has with employers. Efling has four main agreements with employers depending on the sector involved. Along with those agreements Efling has various special agreements with companies in different fields. The union also gives information on employees’ rights according to law. Efling offers legal help and consultation to our members. The union offers weekly interviews with lawyers in Efling office. The lawyers handle difficult cases and disputes with employers. Some of these cases end in court where lawyers are responsible for the legal handling of matters. Although the union’s most important task is to fight for and defend our members’ wages and rights, the union also offers many other services to members.

Leadership and office

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir is chairman of Efling trade union and Þórir Jóhannesson is the vice chairman.  About 37 employees work in the union office.