Instructions – Gathering Data

The following are instructions for gathering the necessary data and documents to be able to submit it through My Pages to the Labour Rights Division of Efling. Data can be submitted through My Pages by selecting “My cases” and then selecting “Submitted data

It is important to collect this data to quicken the processing of cases that are submitted to the Labour Rights Division.

Below is a list of the documents and data that need to be submitted, and links to instructions for some of them:

Employment contract

  • Please select “I don’t have an employment contract” in the Submitted data form if you do not have a written employment contract

Payslips for the last 6 months

  • Payslips can be obtained from an employer or through your online bank
  • It is good to note if you have not received your payslips

Bank statement of payments from the employer:

  • Arion Bank
  • Íslandsbanki
  • Landsbankinn
    • You need to contact Landsbankinn’s service department and wish for the bank statement (icel.: bankayfirlit um greiðslur frá atvinnurekanda)

Withholding register from tax authorities (Salary income overview)

Time sheets

Communications with the employer

  • It is best to compile all written communications with the employer, sort it by date, and save it all in one document

Letter of resignation or termination, if applicable

Doctor’s note or medical certificate of illness, if applicable