Higher wages for félagsliði at Reykjavík city as of January

The job evaluation committee of Reykjavík city agreed at its meeting on January 18, 2022, to reevaluate the job of félagsliði.

“Félagsliði í heimaþjónustu”, 411 points. Rises from category 237 to 239.

“Félagsliði í búsetuþjónustu”, 434 points. Rises from category 240 to 242.

“Félagsliði í þjónustukjarna” (Sléttuvegur), 434 points. Rises from category 240 to 242.

“Félagsliði í málaflokki HMFÞ”, 464 points. Rises from category 244 to 246.

“Flokkstjóri í félagslegri heimaþjónustu”, 479 points. Rises from category 246 to 248.

This is due to changes in the evaluation of studies for félagsliði, which the Ministry of Education has moved from skill level 2 to 3 in the framework on Icelandic education. Since wages in Reykjavík city are based on the job evaluation scheme, this change by the ministry means that félagsliði wages go from level 3 to level 4 in the knowledge and experience ranking.

According to the resolution of the consultation committee of Efling and Reykjavík city dated October 26, 2021, the change takes effect as of January 1, 2022.