ASÍ-UNG education and networking event

ASÍ-UNG is organizing an educational and networking event on April 28-29 at Hótel Hamar, Borgarfjörður.

The meeting is for all young people aged 16-35 interested in the work of unions.

Hótel Hamar offers bed and breakfast for 14,500kr. Efling pays for the participation of its members. It also pays per km for those who need to drive, and the wages lost by participants.

ASÍ-UNG offers participants a three-course meal on Thursday evening and a lunch on Friday.

If you are interested, you can register by sending an email with your name, kennitala and phone number to

First come first serve, the maximum number of participants is limited.

Last day to register is Monday, April 18th.



13.00-13.30 ASÍ-UNG
Chairman/board of ASÍ-UNG presents the work of ASÍ-UNG.

13.30-14.30 ASÍ – its purpose, work, and status
We go over the history of ASÍ, its purpose and the organization of its work, inside Iceland and outside. The organization of the federation and the labour movement in general will be outlined.

Halldór Oddson, ASÍ

14.30-15.00 Coffee break and discussion

15.00-17.00 Young people and the labour movement 
What should the role of a youth member be? 7-10 minute lecture. Discussion about the role and participation of youth movements in labour struggles and the labour movement.

17.00-17.45 Summary

19.00 ASÍ-UNG invites participants to dinner at Hótel Hamar


8.30-10.30 Young people and collective agreements
Discussion about young peoples emphasis in the coming collective agreements. ASÍ-UNG and the meeting will form a conclusion.

Þórir Gunnarsson, economist at ASÍ

9.45-10.15 Coffee break and chatting

10.15-12.00 The labour movement. Why? what for?

Þorleifur Friðriksson

12.00 – 13.00 ASÍ-UNG invites participants to lunch