First phase of org changes completed earlier than planned

Hiring of just under twenty staff for jobs in the Efling office that were advertised in April have now been completed. New hires will take on diverse jobs in service, in work rights, education and membership affairs, and more. Out of this group, more than half have experience working for the union. All went through interviews with a hiring agency and met requirements of competency in Icelandic and English. Three are Polish speaking.

With these hires, a large step has been taken towards the full staffing of the office under new organization. This phase is completed a month earlier than planned. Most new hires will begin work on June 1; although a few will begin at the end of the summer. This group includes the managing director and six directors and key employees as previously announced. Additionally, a few individuals are at work who were hired as summer temps.

From the group of older staff, 16 individuals will continue working for members. Out of this group, ten will be Efling office staff and 6 are work rehabilitation advisors who will become employees of VIRK according to an agreement between Eflinga and VIRK. “The hiring processes have gone really well and were finalized a month earlier than we planned. I am pleased that such a large group of the newly hired staff come from the group of older staff who applied and have experience working for the union. Work on follow-up and other reforms in the office will continue full force,” said Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir chairman of Efling.