Call for delegates to the 45th congress of ASÍ

Efling – trade union calls for the nomination of delegates to the 45th congress of the Icelandic Confederation of Labour, which will take place in Hotel Nordica from the 10th-12th October. The total number of delegates is 290 and they are divided between national federations and trade unions in proportion to their number of members. Efling has 54 delegates to the congress.

We ask that nominations be sent through the online form below no later than September 14th. All full members of Efling can nominate themselves.

The list of delegates for Efling will be presented for approval on the meeting of the Delegate Council on September 15th.

A daily allowance for three days will be payed for participation in the congress. The amount is 13.600 kr. per day, in accordance with the decision of the travel cost committee of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. The delegates will be invited to the congress dinner on the evening of October 11th without any cost. Delegates who will lose any of their income due to their participation in the congress will get reimbursed by Efling if they send the relevant information to the office for confirmation.

The congress of ASÍ has the supreme power in the affairs of the confederation. During the congress a president and central board will be elected and in addition changes to legislation and resolutions on the policy of the Confederation of Labour will be addressed. The agenda of the congress has been published and the agenda and relevant documents can be viewed on the congress website.

Updated September 19 2022: The call for nominations has been closed, as informed in the meeting of the Delegate Council on September 15.