Our conditions and opinions – let’s all participate in the survey opening today

Today a large survey on the conditions and opinions of us Efling members is opening, which is a big step in preparations for contract bargaining this coming winter. Nothing is more important than going into collective bargaining with reliable knowledge of the conditions and views of members.

The union has had large surveys done before, but this time the big chance is that all Efling members can participate, not just a small sample. Also, the survey will be in more languages than ever before, 10 total (Icelandic, English, Polish, Lithuanian, Spanish, Latvian, Romanian, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese).

The survey is entirely electronic and accessible to members on My Pages. It contains 35 questions. It’s realistic to complete the survey in under 15 minutes. It’s easy to answer in a smartphone.

The survey is done in cooperation with Gallup, who are in charge of handling all information and processing the results. The survey is anonymous. It will however be possible to monitor the response rate by employment sector and workplaces of a minimum size.

Participate by entering My Pages here.