The Efling photo competition: see the winning photo here

Efling held a photo competition this summer among union-members. Submitted photos were to reflect a holiday in Iceland. Many members participated in the competition and the selection-committee reviewed numerous lovely summer-photos.

This time the winner is Nicholai Xuereb for a photo of a humpback whale at sunset in Faxaflói. For the photo, Nicholai receives a prize of 40,000 ISK.

The review of the jury, which consists of Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir and Magdalena Kwiatkowska, says: The winning picture of a humpback whale at sunset was taken at Faxaflói in south-west Iceland. The humpback rises out of the sea, shrouded in sea mist that the sun illuminates with a red-gold glow. The photo evokes a strong sense of adventure; we are filled with joy to see the giant animal free in nature and long to set sail in search of new experiences. We put ourselves in the shoes of the photographer and share his happiness for having managed to capture this amazing moment.