Efling Issues Indictment About Mediation Proposal to Ministry

Today, January 30, Efling – Union issued a formal administrative indictment to the ministry of Social Affairs and Labour regarding the so-called mediation proposal of the State Mediator. The demand is that the mediation proposal be repealed.

The reasoning behind the indictment is the lack of consultation with Efling as one of the parties to the labour dispute, which is supposed to be consulted with according to art. 27 and 28 of the law on unions and labour market disputes. Additionally, reference is made to other articles of the law on the obligation to consult and right to objections when public authorities make onerous decisions.

Also, the lack of legitimacy, balance and fairness when making the decision is mentioned, and on that point a reference is made to both the constitution and the European human rights treaty. Finally, remarks are made about the ineligibility of the State Mediator, who because of his actions can no longer be considered “unbiased” in the dispute as is stated in art. 20 of the law on unions and labour market disputes.

At the same time it has been demanded that the judicial effect of the mediation proposal be delayed while the indictment is being handled.

The full text of the complaint (PDF document).