Agreement on strike patrol reached with Íslandshótel

Yesterday, Efling reached an agreement with Íslandshótel, regarding the implementation of strike patrol. The agreement is as follows:

  • The strike patrol visiting larger hotels of Íslandshótel (Grand Hótel and Fosshótel Reykjavík) will consist of two two-person groups on each visit.
  • The groups will go separately around the premises of the hotel in question.
  • One group of two persons will visit the smaller hotels in each visit (Centrum, Saga, Barón, Lind and Rauðará).
  • The groups do not bring megaphones or flyers and will not disturb guests.
  • Access to the work spaces of the hotels, including laundry rooms, will not be prohibited. Kitchens will not be accessed (due to sanitary regulations), but doors to the kitchens will be opened so that they can be observed.
  • Groups will make themselves known in the reception of the hotel when they arrive, but the start of the patrolling inside the hotel will not be delayed once they are on location.
  • No objection is made to one member of the hotel staff following the group, but not security guards.

The agreement was reached between Efling and Íslandshótel in e-mail communication on 12. February 2023. A copy of all the communication also went to the e-mail address of the capital region police.