Efling requires judicial handling of the mediation proposal

Efling union has received a message from Aðalsteinn Leifsson, the State Mediator, stating that the union is invited to a meeting about voting on the office´s mediation proposal.

Efling will of course abide to the final decision of the courts. That result has not been released yet, even if the State Mediator acts as it is.

Efling has already appealed the decision to the National Court, as it´s important that the case be resolved in a higher court. Everyone agrees that this case is unprecedented and at the same time, very important.

Efling does not believe that the State Mediator intends to compel enforcement based on the decision of the lower court level while waiting for the final decision of the higher courts. By doing so, the State Mediator as a government authority would be intervening in the work of the courts and at the same time restricting Efling´s right to fair proceedings. Last but not least, would the State Mediator be depriving the entire labor market of the opportunity to receive a clear precedent from a higher court.

Since the State Mediator has announced publicly that he has invited representatives of Efling to his meeting, the union would like to publicly publish its response to the invitation. The response can be seen here below:

Hello Aðalsteinn

The district court´s decision today is indisputably appealable to the National Court.

Efling immediately declared today that the ruling was appealed.

Efling aims to present all the documents in the complaint case tomorrow so that the procedure of the complaint case can be accelerated.

I remind you that your office placed a lot of emphasis on the case being sped up significantly in the district court.

Efling did everything according to make it so. Efling submitted a report with all it´s documents and presented the case, all in a four days time.

Efling expects the State Mediator to show Efling the same courtesy and respect.

First and foremost, Efling assumes that the State Mediator will not deprive the union of it´s fair procedure that consists in results in two court levels.

Efling will of course abide to the courts decision, if it is to be final.

As it has been pointed out, the requested electoral roll does not exist and it has to be prepared specifically.

If the State Mediator does not comply with this natural request to finish the case finally, a justification is requested. I am ready to attend a meeting tomorrow to discuss the matter further. However I can´t make it at 10:15 as you suggest since I am busy preparing strike actions and related meetings till noon and well into the day. In addition it also takes time to call together the negotiation committee to the meeting in question.

Regards, Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir

Efling – union | Chairman