Íslandshótel use force to hide strikebreaking, relent under pressure from Efling members

Efling strike patrol today witnessed intentional action by Íslandshótel to evade the union’s strike. Strike patrol was kept out of parts of the hotel and baselessly limited to two people at a time. The aim of the company was clearly to conceal scabbing. Íslandshótel representatives waved a paper signed by SA director Halldór Benjamín Þorbergsson as a defence.

Efling strike patrol went to Grand Hótel in the afternoon, but only two were let in. They were followed around the house by a security guard. On the hotel’s 6th floor they met workers who had been ordered by management to do the striking workers’ job, which constitutes strikebreaking. The patrol asked to speak to the workers to urge them not to scab. At that point, the Íslandshótel security guard shoved the strike patrol out of the area.

Efling members convened at half past two at Fosshótel Reykjavík, where strike patrol had been met with the same conduct. This was protested and Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, Efling chairwoman, addressed the gathering. She also asked the hotel guests to stand in solidarity with Efling members and not to tolerate scabbing. Soon, SA lawyers arrived and the hotel’s doors were locked. The Efling picket remained at the hotel some time and refreshments were brought to the group.

Sólveig Anna demanded that strike patrol be allowed to enter the hotel in a group of five. After some time, the demand was accepted, and the picket left the area, excepting five who went in and continued regular strike patrol.

The union rejects the claims by Íslandshótel in the media that Efling strike patrol made unspecified “threats”. That is a pure fabrication and typical of the misleading information that the company has fed to its staff and the public this past week.