Lockout: More on what you need to know

The largest federation of employers in Iceland, SA, approved last night to impose a lockout on Efling members starting at 12 noon on March 2 (Thursday next week). The purpose of the lockout is to force the Icelandic government to support the side of the employers in their labor dispute with Efling.

The negotiations committee of Efling has issued a declaration regarding the lockout. Please read the declaration here.

Here are the main points you need to know:

–          Being part of the lockout is an optional choice for your employer. Many employers have already confirmed that they are not going to be part of the lockout. There is no law or contract that forces your employer to be part of the lockout.

–          Even if your employer decides to be part of the lockout, they are still allowed to pay your salary. There is no law or contract that forbids your employer from paying your salary even if they send workers home due to lockout.

–          Get confirmation from your employer about what they plan to do about the lockout. Will your employer send you home when the lockout starts or not? Will the employer pay your salaries or not? Get the answers to this in writing. 

–          The lockout only applies to private sector workplaces. The lockout does not apply to the public sector and related workplaces, such as Reykjavík City, Kópavogsbær, Landspítalinn, nursing homes, or privately run childcare centers.

–          If you can, please come to the union’s demonstration against the lockout at 1pm today in Iðnó. More info here.