Meeting and Demonstration of Íslandshótel Workers on Friday February 10th

We will meet at Iðnó again at 10:00 am on Friday, check in and have coffee, and then walk together for a demonstration outside the meeting house of the Icelandic government (in Tjarnargata, just around the corner from Iðnó).

This will be a peaceful demonstration where we bring signs, chant, and give speeches. Then we go back to Iðnó for refreshments. This event is planned to be over no later than 12 noon. It’s very important that we show up in big numbers, so please come and make sure your coworkers do also! We will also do strike patrol with volunteers on Friday. You can sign up for the strike patrol at the meeting. Or you can do it online here: Skráning í verkfallsvörslu / Registration for Strike Patrol – Efling stéttarfélag

Please note! Coming to the meeting and the demonstration is voluntary. It is not necessary to come to this meeting to get the strike benefits. If you have registered you will get the strike benefits.

Please confirm your attendance to the meeting by filling out the form below:

Íslandshótela verkfallsfundur í Iðnó 10.02.2023: staðfesting á komu
Ég staðfesti hér með komu á fund starfsmanna Íslandshótela í Iðnó kl. 10 þann 10. febrúar 2023
I hereby confirm my attendance to the meeting with Íslandshótel workers in Iðnó at 10 am on February 10 2023
Niniejszym potwierdzam moje przybycie na spotkanie personelu hoteli Íslandshótel w Iðnó o godz. 10.00, w dniu 10 lutego 2023 r

Adress: Iðnó, Vonarstræti 3, 101 Reykjavík

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