Strike approved with great majority in more hotels and among truck drivers

Efling members have approved two new strike actions in voting that finished at 6 pm this evening. In both votes, more than 80% were in support of industrial action. This is even more support than in the last round of voting, which was among workers at the Íslandshótel chain.

Among truck drivers at Samskip, Olíudreifing, and Skeljungur, there were 57 votes or 77% of the 74 Efling members on the vote registry. 48 approved, 7 were against, and 2 submitted a blank vote. The call for industrial action is thus approved with over 84% of votes.

At the Reykjavík Edition hotel and the Berjaya Hotel chain, there were 487 on the vote registry. Out of those, 255 voted or just above 52%. 209 approved, 40 were against, and 6 submitted a blank vote. Strike action is thus approved with just under 82% of votes.

The vote was advertised on January 31, following approval in the Efling negotiations committe at its meeting.

An overview of results (PDF in Icelandic).

Meeting of truck drivers in the Efling Community Center on January 24 2023.