Strike Begins Wednesday at 12 Noon

Workers at Samskip, Berjaya Hotels, Skeljungur, Hotel Edition, and Olíudreifing have approved a strike which begins at 12 noon on Wednesday February 15. At that time, they will stop all work and continue on strike until it has been called off by the union.

On Wednesday February 12 at noon, Efling will have a campaign and information meeting in the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center (address: Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík – Google maps link). The room we are meeting in is called Norðurljós (“Northern Lights”).

In this meeting, people on strike can confirm their participation in it, there will be registration booths for strike benefits, live music, speeches, food and drink, and information about how to participate in strike patrolling. The event will go on until 4 pm.

It’s very important for strikers to come to this meeting and please help make sure your co-workers know about it and come!

To make your registration for strike benefits at the meeting quicker, please follow these two steps right now using your phone or computer:

1. Log in to Efling My Pages, and make sure your bank account information, email and phone number are correctly entered.

2. Send your latest payslip to the email address so that your job percentage can be verified.

See you on Wednesday at noon in Harpa!