The negotiations committee three strike notices

Efling negotiation committee unanimously approved of three strike notices at it´s meeting yesterday, February 12.

The notices are as follows:

  • Strike at all guesthouses under the hotel chains Centerhotels and Keahotels, as well as a number of other hotels and inns. The estimated number of people is six hundred. With this work stoppage, all covered by Efling´s collective agreements in hotels would go on strike.
  • Strike at security companies. The announcement covers the companies Securitas and Öryggismiðstöð Íslands, as well as other small companies. The estimated number of people is four hundred.
  • Strike at cleaning companies. The largest cleaning companies in the country, Sólar and Dagar as well as other smaller companies are covered by the announcement. The estimated number of people on the electoral roll is about 650.
  • The union´s previous three strike calls were approved with a decisive majority and good turnout. Voting will start at 12:00 at noon on Thursday and end at 18:00 next Monday.

“In the last few weeks we have seen clearly in strike votes that essential workers in all sectors of the labor marked in the Capital Region stand united. Our demand is for a fair wage agreement that takes into account the circumstances and composition of the union members. I encourage negations with us,” said Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir.