Strike actions paused due to mediation proposal

With the approval of the Efling negotiations committee, all current strike actions of Efling are paused from 12 noon today, Wednesday March 1 2023.

Strikes are paused while voting among members takes place on the lawfully presented mediation proposal of the state mediator which was announced this morning. The pausing is in effect until the results of the vote have been announced, which will be on Wednesday March 8.

Should the mediation proposal be approved, it will become a binding collective contract for Efling members and strikes will be discontinued. Should it be rejected, strike actions will continue anew and the dispute will continue.

Efling members are to report to work in accordance with their hiring contracts and shift schedule from noon today March 1. They are advised to contact their employer in case of need for further information about when to show up to work. Employers are advised to instruct their staff regarding this.

More information about the mediation proposal can be found on the website of the state mediator,