Members in the lead – last chance for nominations to negotiations committee

The collective contracts of Efling are up for renewal in January. Collective bargaining is the most important chance of members to fight for improving their conditions.

Efling members have shown to Icelandic society that they lead their own struggle. The progress that has been made by the union is built on this. For the union to continue on this path, yet more Efling members need to join the struggle. You can be one of them!

All Efling members are encouraged to nominate themselves to the negotiations committee. This is easy to do using the form below. The deadline is until 12 noon on Friday September 1.

Appointments to the negotiations committee will be voted on at at the meeting of the delegate council on September 6. The committee will begin its work in the fall.

Those who nominated themselves after the advertisement in June of this year do not have to do so again.

The tasks of the negotiations committee are discussed in the bylaws of Efling and the law nr. 80 / 1938 covers labor conflict and collective bargaining.

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