Anger and fighting will among the staff of Grund nursing homes

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, the chairman of Efling trade union, was present this morning at a meeting of the management of Grund nursing homes with the cleaning staff at Ás nursing home and the laundry staff of the Grund nursing homes in Hveragerði. During these meetings, the staff were informed that they were being laid off from work.

It was stated that Grund nursing homes intends to outsource the work and projects in question to private parties. The group of employees who lose their jobs includes individuals with up to 34 years of work experience. At the meetings, Sólveig Anna presented protests against the decision of Grund nursing homes and called for it to be taken back.

She criticized that staff who have worked for years for the conglomerate will be made unemployed while their jobs are still being done, but by people with worse conditions and with worse rights, on behalf of private profit-making companies. Staff expressed surprise, anger and displeasure to management. Attention was drawn to how few answers were given when asked how Grund nursing homes intended to maintain the same level of service as before for residents when cleaning is outsourced.

However, unity and consensus prevailed among the staff. Efling invites all employees who are subject to layoffs to a meeting at 1 p.m. next Tuesday at Efling’s offices in Hveragerði, where the next steps will be evaluated.

Attached are pictures of the meetings.