Holiday house bookings currently down due to updates on My pages

Due to an update it will not be possible to book a holiday house in My pages until Wednesday, January 10th at the earliest.

Currently Efling is implementing a new and better member system and My pages. The transferring of data from the old system to the new inevitably takes time. Due to the transfer, it will also not be possible to see payments in applications on My Pages, and some may find themselves unable to apply for applications at this time.

We are working to speed up the transfer as much as possible so that members will have access to all their features in the new My pages as soon as possible.

The new member system for My pages will be user-friendly and accessible with all the main service elements of Efling, including improved access to booking holiday homes, grant applications and advice on collective bargaining issues in no less than eight languages. The new member system will also speed up the handling and response time for documents and cases received by Efling, which will result in better service to members.

Efling’s staff appreciates your patience and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.