Improved electronic services facilitate the process of applications and grants

In January, Efling finished paying out the last grants for the year 2023. In 2023, 9,022 sickness benefits were paid to 6,892 individuals and 5,043 educational grants to 4,649 individuals.

The grants ranged from physical fitness grants, grants for glasses or lenses, and up to large educational grants. There has been a development in work processes at Efling’s service department and new standards and measures have been introduced. With the new membership system and My pages, the application process for grants and holiday houses has also been adapted and simplified to make the process faster and more efficient. Better electronic services have undeniably made it easier for union members to access services from Efling in recent years, as members have used the electronic service channels in an increasing amount and made good use of them. With this, it has been possible to improve the service to members by saving time and speeding up the processing of applications and inquiries. Efling will strive to continue on this path to ensure members the best service.

Below you can see the number of paid grants for the year 2023

Educational grants
4.649 union members
423.884.273 ISK
91.000 ISK average payment
GrantsNumber of applicantsPaid in ISK 
Sickness fundsNumber of applicantsPaid in ISK 
All grants6892240.773.615
Sickness benefits20811.287.082.159 
Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy)1.09319.901.406 
Grants for glasses or contact lenses1.63637.839.334 
Cancer examination5998.442.664 
Physical fitness grant3.89671.044.557 
Health institution1319.263.532
Death benefits10119.263.532 
IVF Infertility treatment768.497.520 
Hearing aids383.372.056 
Laser eye surgery483.958.018 
Psychology therapy97345.163.618 

(Numbers published with notice)