Message from chairman about strike actions (Video)

Last night, February 28th, the negotiations committee of Efling decided to call for strike action for Efling’s members who work in the cleaning sector. Strike voting will be advertised tomorrow, March 1st and will start on Monday, March 4th at 16:00 o´clock.

In the video below Sólveig Anna, Chairman of Efling union, goes over the next steps in expected strike actions for the cleaning sector. Members are encouraged to stay updated with news on Efling’s website regarding the strike actions and be sure that all information are correct in My pages – especially bank account information. As is the custom when Efling members go on strike, the union strike fund protects members against salary loss and therefore it is important that Efling has members’ correct bank information.

Sólveig says that she wants workers to know that the negotiation committee of Efling fully supports their struggle for better conditions. She reminded that our fellow members in the coalition unions all around the country also support our and Efling’s fight for a better contract for people who work in the cleaning sector.

Sólveig Anna says that in the next few days the coalition of employers that Efling is negotiating with might bring an offer that the committee feels is good enough to accept, and striking could be called off for this reason. Therefore, it is very important that members in the cleaning sector keep updating themselves on what is happening.

Efling will send information about the negotiating status via e-mails and post news and updates on Efling’s webpage and facebook page.