Happy National Day!

Efling Union wishes its members and all Icelanders a happy National Day, on the 80th anniversary of the Republic of Iceland.

Efling would like to remind its members working today that June 17 is a major holiday and must be paid for with a major holiday surcharge. Efling also encourages its Icelandic members to draw the attention of their foreign colleagues to this as well.

In Iceland’s struggle for independence, the radical labor movement certainly played its part. A radical labor struggle is still the driving force behind progress that will bring increased rights, improved conditions, and equality to the people of Iceland. Remember this today when we celebrate National Day.

In the editorial column in the newspaper Þjóðviljinn on June 17, 1955,  the editor writes:

“The labor movement in Iceland, the general organization of the people in the labor unions and the labor parties, is the only social force in Iceland that has the ideals, the driving force, and the understanding of social issues that are needed to provide the nation with leadership for the future, leadership in the nation’s struggle for independence, both in the political field and in the fight for economic independence and prosperity.”

These writings are as relevant today, as they were 69 years ago, when the republic was only eleven years old. The combined force of Efling members has and will continue to deliver significant wage and legal benefits to workers. That struggle will make for independent people in an independent country.