Laser/refractive eye surgery

Health and preventive care grants


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Grants are given for refractive surgery where the Icelandic Health Insurance does not participate in the cost. The amount reimbursed is  up to ISK 50,000 for each eye. Grants are given only once for each eye.


  • Premiums must have been paid on behalf of the member for at least the last 6 consecutive months.
  • The applicant must be employed, with premiums being paid to Efling on his/her behalf at the time of grant application. However, members can apply for grants for up to three months after payments stop, if the receipt dates back to the period where the member was paying to Efling.
  • Those who were members of Efling for at least 5 consecutive years prior to retirement due to age or disability, are entitled to grants for up to 24 months after retirement.
  • The grant amounts are based on the premiums of minimum wages for full-time employment. Members who work part-time receive a proportionate amount.
  • The right to grants lapses if the receipt is older than 12 months.

Documents need to be delivered to the fund by the twentieth of each month, in order to ensure payment at the end of the month. If the twentieth comes up on the weekend the application must be delivered before closing time on the Friday before.

A special deadline is in December.