Formal preparations for collective agreements, for negotiations and the calling of strikes

The course will cover the roles, authorizations and the mandate of the negotiating committees; the role and place of the state mediator, discussion plans and preconditions for putting forth a mediating proposal.

Voting procedure for collective agreements will be covered, as well as secret voting and mail-in voting; also, the calling of strikes and their implementation.

Purpose: For those directly involved in the crafting and negotiating of collective agreements to know the formal rules regarding negotiations and the negotiating process.

The instructor is Halldór Oddson, lawyer at ASÍ.

It takes place on November 9th of 2021 from 9am to 12 o’clock noon.

It takes place at Guðrúnartún 1

Fee: 12.000 kronas.

The course is taught in Icelandic and is open to all. Union representatives can attend for free. Union members can apply for an individual grant for the courses from the educational funds of Efling.

Registration and further information

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