11. Jun Kl — 08:30

Preschool employees – Vocational course II

— Mímir, Höfðabakka 9 — 11. Jun 2024

Period: 11th June to 27th June 2024
Classes: All weekdays 8:30–15.30

The courses are meant for individuals over 20 years of age who work in preschools but have not completed their education.
The vocational courses focus on developing personal and general skills including empowerment and communication, study techniques, professional portfolio and computer skills; upbringing of preschool children, the growth and development of preschool children, art work with children, the preschool curriculum, multi-cultural preschools and more.

These vocational courses are a prerequisite to studies in the preschool assistant bridge program.

The course is meant for members of Efling who work at preschools, free of charge.

The course takes place at Mímir at Höfðabakki 9.

The courses are taught in Icelandic.

Apply now!

The courses are intended for Efling members who are care workers. The Efling vocational funds pay the tuition in full for members who work for the public sector employers. Applications are accepted through the website of Mímir and Mímir staff can answer questions about the applications process:

Professional course 2 for kindergarten staff | Mimir – Be more!

Efling members add the code efling15 with their application and click on “Add payment code to application”.

By using the code the member agrees that Mímir and Efling exchange information to confirm dues payments of the member in the relevant vocational fund. This information is exchanged in a secure way in accordance with the privacy policies of Efling and Mímir.