17. Oct Kl — 19:00

The Rental Market in Iceland

— Atburður liðinn — 17. Oct 2023

17.10.2023, 19-21

This course will deal with the Icelandic rental market, the situation of tenants and what possibilities they have of protecting their rights and improve their situation.

Guðmundur Hrafn Arngrímsson, the chairman of the Tenants Association in Iceland will present facts about the rental market in Iceland and compare it with other countries. In addition, he will describe the biggest challenges of renters in the Icelandic rental market and present the key issues that the Tenants Association is fighting for and their main demands.

Next the operation and service of the tenant’s assistance of the Consumer Association will be presented. The most common cases handled by the tenant’s assistance will be covered and what can be done. The rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords will be explained and also the articles of the housing rental laws that can be omitted from a rental contract.

All members are welcome. The course is free but we kindly ask you to register so that we can know approximately how many people are going to attend.

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