29. Apr Kl — 11:00

SFV negotiations commitee: Preparation meeting April 29

— Atburður liðinn — 29. Apr 2024
From the first preparation meeting of the SFV negotiations commitee on April 18.

A follow up preparation meeting of the members’ negotiations committee with SFV (nursing homes) is called.

The meeting will be on Monday April 29 at 11:00am to 12:30pm in the Efling Community Center, 4th floor of Guðrúnartún 1. Icelandic-English text interpretation on screen, and refreshments on offer.

The meeting is a continuation of a good meeting that was held on April 18. The main agend of this meeting is preparation for a demands list.

Committee members are entitled to a leave from work without salary loss in order to attend the meeting, but need to inform their supervisor with normal notice.

Committe members are asked to notify if they can come to the meeting or not, and provide some information on their priorities in the coming negotiations, using the form below:

Kynningarfundur SFV samninganefndar 29.4.24 – skráning :: Meeting of SFV neg committee Apr 29 24 – registration
Fullt nafn :: Full name
Staðfesting á skráningu verður send á þetta netfang. :: Registration confirmation will be sent to this email address.
Skrifið netfang aftur til að koma í veg fyrir innsláttarvillur :: Re-enter email to prevent typing errors
Staðfesting 29.4.2024
Confirmation 29.4.2024

Those who have nominated themselves to the committee have received an email with advertisement for the meeting. (It is still open for nominations and the form for nominations is here.)