Camping Card 2023

Save money while camping

The card is now electronic! gives you access to around 42 camp sites around the country.

The Camping Card has been very popular for a number of years and its popularity is still growing.

The card is sold through My pages on a very good price for our members – only ISK 15,000. The full price is ISK 24,900, so Efling’s members can save a decent amount. Memebers will receive the card by e-mail after payment has been made.

The Camping Card has sold very well in the last few years and the card holder, as well as their partner and up to four children, can stay in over 40 camp sites around the country.

The Camping Card allows you to stay for up to four consecutive nights in each camp site. There are no limits to how often you can visit each camp site. Included in the card are up to a total of 28 nights and it is valid for tent trailers, camping trailers, motor homes, as well as tents.

When you buy the Camping Card, 5 points will be deducted from your points.

For further information on the card and the discounts that come with it, go to the Camping Card website

The right to grants/refunds from the Recreational Fund is based on the following:
• Contributions must have been paid to the fund for the previous six consecutive months and members must have enough points.
• Members who receive pension or disability pension can purchase vouchers for two years after retirement (as with rights to other funds) or have enough points.